The IQ Option Binoculars broker is impressed by the excellent trading conditions and customer-friendliness. The broker also offers a trading environment in which traders need not worry about safety. IQ option works consistently and reliably. IQ Option provides traders with more than 70 tradable underlying assets as well as the most important trading types:


Call and put options


This trading variant what click here to find out more is offered by all binary traders and is the classic way to trade binary options. Once an underlying is selected from equities, indices, currencies or commodities, the forecast is whether the price will rise or fall within a certain time frame. Different periods of 15 minutes can be selected. If it is assumed that the price will increase during the selected period, a call option is posted. In the other case, if it is assumed that the price will drop, a put visit this page over option is posted. If the prognosis is correct, the pre-determined yield of up to 85 percent is paid out. In the case of an incorrect prediction, the amount used is lost.

These fast options owe their name to the short run times. Although they work according to the same principle as the call and put options, the selectable run times are much shorter. Turbo options can be traded not only with 60 seconds, but also with 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes with the IQ option. that site them

IQ Option currently does not offer other types of trade, such as the popular one-touch options. Points can turn IQ option with a loss back up to 45 percent, the traders themselves can determine. In the "Reimbursement" section of the IQ Option's trading platform, an amount can be selected which will be refunded in the event of his check a loss. It should be noted here that the higher the reimbursement amount is, the more minimizes the return. What initially appears to be a drawback, however, is a useful function for beginners to limit loss.

The IQ option offers a special feature that has not been possible anywhere in the past, OTC trading (over the counter). This trade refers to the transactions between the market participants which are not concluded via the exchange, which is why they are not displayed on other trading platforms.


OTC trading is traded over the weekend when the exchanges and markets are closed. The difficulty here is that, on Saturdays and Sundays, political or economic events are very rare, which is why there is a lack of important she their explanation evidence for the analysis and prediction of the courses. This makes the OTC trading not only difficult, but also very risky. Anyone who takes this risk will be rewarded with a return of up to 500% at IQ Option.

But caution is required here, because the probability that one is correct with his forecast is more than only slight. As a rule, only professional traders trust this type of trading. For beginners the OTC trading is completely unsuitable.


Timing is the most important and the most important times of trade


In order to minimize the risk of binar trafficking and get more info that increase profit opportunities, it is important that traders adhere to exchange trading times. For this reason we will list the most important trading times below.

Forex market   

Traders need to know the rush hours of the foreign exchange markets:

Please note the overlap times:


  • New York Stock Exchange / London Stock Exchange = 4 hours (12am - 4pm)     
  • London Stock Exchange / visit site how Stock Exchange in Tokyo = 2 hours (07.00-09.00)     
  • Exchange in Sidney / Tokyo Stock Exchange = 6 hours (00.00-06.00)   


Just at these times, the markets are very active and volatile, which is why there is very good trading opportunity here. The period between 9 pm and 9 pm is not suitable for trading because there is hardly any market fluctuation.

Equity and Indices Market


In the case of equities and indices, it is important to look at which market the respective share or index is traded. As a rule, equities are traded on an exchange every day for 6-8 hours. For example, if you want to trade with a US share, the period is between 15:30 and 22:00.

Raw materials


The same applies to the commodity market see here now time as for the foreign exchange market. Only in the case of crude oil is there a small difference, because this underlying value is on the whole